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ABOUT Sarbodaya Sangha

Sarbodaya Sangha is a voluntary agency working in the areas of rural development, child education and women empowerment through advocacy, direct program interventions and capacity building of the community to access the benefits of the State Programs. In 1973, an autonomous non- profit organization, established with an objective to provide services to the poor and marginalized people of Khejuri Block I and II. During the long years of operation, it has implemented a number of training and advocacy programmes for the people. For the last 36 years Sarboday Sangha has been imparting comprehensive support to the rural people to resolve the social difficulties like illiteracy, unemployment and poor health conditions. The major intention is to enlighten them with knowledge and to create opportunities for further development. We have adequate human resource to maintain and handle projects, organizational management, financial administration, fund raising and public relations.

To make a substantial difference to the lives of the people living in the society in terms of their socio- economic development.

Providing professional support to the socio- economic initiatives.

The core values

People participation

Sarbodaya Sangha considers that sustainable development can only be achieved through an active....

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Development which is not sustainable is a waste of energy as they will not remains. That is why all our projects are integrated towards a holistic ....

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Positive globalization

One of our main strength is its collaboration with several national and international organizations....

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Getting knowledge

This value is about strategic and sustainable excellence: without knowledge, only few improvements are achievable...

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Being methodological

Sarbodaya Sangha is willing to lead project with operational and professional excellence. Efficiency in the..,,

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Area of Operations

The operational area of Sarbodaya Sangha is presently restricted to one district and that is Purba Medinipur, near the coastal belt of popularly known as Contai sub division. Out of 9 Block we are working in 2 Blocks under 11 Gram Panchayet.

Aims and Objectives of Sarbodaya Sangha

  • To initiate the awakening process and build up the people’s organization and the capacities of the people
  • To work with the poor and oppressed but not for them
  • To strengthen women in the expression of their full potential and rightful place in the society
  • To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural development using, people’s participatory approaches.
  • To provide education and other alternatives for integrated development of the children , specially the girl child
  • To provide systematic health, hygiene and nutrition programmes and other easily accessible facilities

The strategy of the efforts

  • Application of bottom up methodology
  • Application of improved livelihood principles
  • Networking with all stakeholders for better service delivery
  • Promote propagate new ideas and thoughts with great challenges
  • Community led and people centered
  • Specific improvisations through location specific, intensive IEC campaign and involving women groups & civil bodie