Vocational Training Centre

Sarboday polytechnic Academy is a training centre imparting different technical knowledge to the community members at a very low cost but with effective training. Men and women of Khejuri, like all other rural villages we find have less options for earnings due to lack of training and most of the adults sit idle after have nothing to do. The objectives were:
  • The promotion of a just and humane society, through empowerment of the disadvantaged and marginalized, especially the youth and women through relevant skills and competence Goal.
  • To encourage the families to take up vocational training on- farm and off- farm skills which are functional in generating income.
  • To promote a process of awareness and building of organizations of the marginalized communities which also focuses on savings, production and marketing
  • To mobilize support by forming linkages with government, non-government organizations and other institutions.


  • Awareness generation meetings about ways of income generation and requirement.
  • Market demand based vocational selection.
  • Training on marketing, book-keeping and micro-finance
  • Continuous training on cutting and tailoring. Embroidery, jute work, drawing and fabric. Aari, electrician course for basic repairing and home connection including Fabric and Batik printing.


  • Many women had been trained.
  • Many people have been befitted indirectly from the vocational training centre.
  • Many trainees have successfully completed their training on Fabric and Batik printing and have started earning of their own.
  • Many women are in a position to support their husbands financially.
  • Many youths have been trained on basic computer course on hardware and software and already working in various cyber cafĂ© in Contai and Mecheda, nearby towns.